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Influenza Vaccination Clinic Dates 2019

If you are eligible for a influenza vaccination you will receive a letter or text message inviting you to book into clinic.

Clinics can be booked online or by calling our reception team on 0121 472 0129.

Flu Clinics 2019

Monday 7th October                     65+yrs                       3.50pm to 4.40pm

Tuesday 8th October                     65+yrs                       1.50pm to 2.40pm

Wednesday 9th October               65+yrs                       9.30am to 11.20am


Tuesday 22nd October                   18–64yrs                  9.30am to 2.20pm

Tuesday 22nd October                   18–64yrs                  3.40pm to 5.40pm

Wednesday 23rd October             18–64yrs                  9.30am to 2.20pm

Wednesday 23rd October             18–64yrs                  3.40pm to 5.40pm

Friday 25th October                       18–64yrs                  4.20pm to 5.10pm


Monday 28th October                   2-17yrs                     10.00am to 11.00am

Wednesday 30th October             2-17yrs                     8.30am to 9.20am


Tuesday 12th November               18–64yrs                  3.10pm to 5.40pm

Wednesday 13th November         18–64yrs                  3.10pm to 5.40pm

Friday 15th November                    18–64yrs                  8.30am to 11.30am

Saturday 16th November               18–64yrs                  9.55am to 10.45am