Contraception is the use of hormones, devices or surgery to prevent a woman from becoming pregnant.

We offer all of the methods listed here at surgery and there is no charge.

We will refer for sterilisation if appropriate.

Condoms – male and female

These create a physical barrier therefore not allowing sperm and egg to meet. They are also the only way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections.

Short acting methods – combined/progesterone pill, patch and vaginal ring

These are about 99% effective if taken as prescribed.

The Combined Hormonal Contraception, patch and ring contain 2 hormones and work by preventing ovulation, thicken cervical mucus stopping sperm reaching an egg and thin the womb lining. The combined pill is taken every day for 3 weeks, the ring worn for 3 weeks and 3 weekly patches applied. Then a hormone free week in which you have a bleed.

The Progesterone-Only-Contraceptive-Pill thickens the cervical mucus and in some cases stops ovulation. The progesterone only pill is taken every day. You may have irregular bleeding. You can use the progesterone only pill while breastfeeding.

Long acting methods – implant, injection, coil.

These methods are over 99% effective

They are ‘fit and forget’ methods and do not rely on you remembering to take/use them every day/when you have sex, meaning they are particularly good for those who forget to take pills.

You can use all of these methods while breastfeeding.

The injection, implant and mirena coil (IUS) contain progesterone which thickens the cervical mucus stopping sperm reaching an egg, thins the womb lining and in some cases stops ovulation. Periods tend to become shorter and lighter, but can be irregular or heavy for the first few months.

The copper coil (IUD) kills sperm and stops implantation. As this method contains no hormones, periods remain regular, but may become heavier and longer.

The injection lasts 12 weeks and must be administered by a doctor or nurse at the surgery. Some women gain weight while using this method.

The implant is inserted and removed here at surgery by a doctor. It is a simple procedure and is not painful. It lasts 3 years. You will be able to feel but not see your implant.

The IUS and IUD are fitted and removed at surgery by a doctor. The insertion can be uncomfortable but rarely painful. The IUS lasts for 3 or 5 years and the IUD 5 or 10 depending which we use.

Come and discuss your preferred method with a doctor or nurse for more information and to ensure this method is suitable for you.

We offer implant, IUD and IUS fits to all patients living in South Birmingham even if you are not registered with our practice. If you are not registered please speak with your own GP and ask them to refer you to us.

Sexual Health Services

We offer a sexual health service alongside the Birmingham and Solihull sexual health service known as Umbrella – their website is: and this will enable you to order STI testing kits, book an appointment with any of the local clinics and obtain further advice and information.

You can, of course, come and speak to our Nurses or GPs for support too.  If you have any symptoms of an sexually transmitted infection please make sure you arrange an appointment, sooner rather than later.  We are here to help and will deal with your issues with sensitivity and care.

Advice Sheet: Treatment Algorithm for Anogenital Warts