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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccination

We will be able to vaccinate our patients from Tuesday 29th December 2020.

We are continuing to arrange vaccinations for patients - we will call you to book an appointment. Please only call us to book for these if we have left you a message to do so. We are currently experiencing low staff levels and an increased workload due to the current pandemic.

The first cohort of patients we will be able to offer the vaccination to will be those aged 80 years and over. This is because evidence shows that risk of serious illness because of coronavirus increases with age.

We will contact patients to book an appointment. The coronavirus vaccine is free of charge to you.

The vaccinations will currently take place at Harborne Medical Practice, 4 York St, Harborne, Birmingham B17 0HG. 

For more information visit

Some people may not be able to get this vaccine at the moment. If you are a woman of childbearing age, or have had bad allergic reactions in the past, it is important that you read all the guidance. You can also ask about it when you book, or discuss it with a health professional when you attend your appointment.