From 1st April 2015 onwards Practices are required, under the GMS contract, to allocate a named accountable GP to all patients, including children.

This does not change the way in which we operate or affect your ability to make an appointment or speak with any of the GPs in the practice.

We have now allocated all patients to a named GP.  We have done this as sensitively as possible, by initially allocating patients who have seen the same GP 6 or more times over the last two years to that particular GP.  All remaining patients were then allocated on a by surname basis based on the number of clinics a doctor runs per week.

New patients registering from 1st April 2015 onwards will be allocated at point of registration but of note we must contractually do this within 21 days of registration.

If you were registered with us before 1st April 2015 and were aged over 75 or took part in the Unplanned Emergency Admissions service provision you will have already been allocated a named accountable GP and notified in writing – this named GP will remain the same and will not change.

In light of Dr Victor Cross’s retirement on 31.03.2016 all patients who were assigned to him have been moved directly to Dr Christina Allen.

In light of Dr Jayne Bowser’s retirement on 31.03.2020 all patients who were assigned to her have now been moved directly to Dr Helen Cole. 

In light of Dr Elizabeth Rushton leaving on 04.12.2020 all patients who were assigned to her have now been moved directly to Dr Sameer Ali.

Should you express a wish to change your named GP we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.  Please write to the Senior Partner requesting the change.

Please feel free to contact the Reception Team on 0121 472 0129 to find out who your Named Accountable GP is.