The following services are provided under a Personal Medical Services (PMS) Contract:

  • Contraception; FREE pills, injections, coils and implants
  • Sexual health services
  • Family planning
  • Health promotion
  • Child health
  • Immunisations
  • Travel advice and vaccination
  • Minor surgery
  • Stop smoking help and advice
  • Alcohol assessment
  • Diabetic screening and management
  • Asthma review and guidance
  • Weight management and assessment
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Heart disease advice
  • Treatment for minor injuries

Annual reviews

Patients who suffer from certain long-term conditions will be invited to attend an annual review every year. This is also an opportunity for the doctor or nurse to review your general health and medication.

These annual reviews are provided through our contract with the NHS. The contract states that we should cease inviting patients after we have offered three appointments or if the patient has refused a review confirmed in writing.

We kindly request that if you do not want an annual review you let us know in writing, as appointments which are not kept have wasted our time and do cost money.

The reception team will telephone or write to the relevant patients to arrange an appointment.

You are likely to require some routine blood tests during annual review a helpful leaflet is attached to enable you to understand a little more about fasting and non-fasting tests and how, when to call to obtain your results.

We also discuss simple lifestyle advice – our reference sheet is attached.

We have a really helpful self management plans for patients and their carers to refer to for certain conditions and instructions prior to certain tests:

Need A Helping Hand following a stroke leaflet

Self Management in Chronic Kidney Disease

Heart Failure Self Management Plan

Lifestyle Counselling Advice Sheet


Stop Smoking Services

Did you know?

You are four times more likely to quit smoking with a combination of stop smoking medication and behavioral support.  You can get FREE advice, one to one support and access to a range of nicotine replacement therapies (for just the cost of a prescription).

How to find your local service.

For further information on local smoking cessation services and more service provider options go to;