Sick Notes for Work:

You only need a doctor’s note if you are unable to work and are ill for longer than seven calendar days, this will be supplied by the GP free of charge. You will need to see or speak to a GP to be issued with a note.

Your employer will provide you with an SC2 self-certificate form for shorter periods of illness or you can download the form in preparation here.

If you require a Private Sick Note there will be a fee of £30.00.

Student Sick Notes/Medical Certificates:

Birmingham University has a system of medical certification for students.

This is primarily based upon the assumption that minor illnesses and occasional periods of sick leave should not require a doctor’s note.

A standard form has been designed to be completed by the student, followed by their doctor, for any period of absence due to illness at exam or significant assessment times or for significant medical problems.

You can download the certificate by clicking University Medical-Certificate.

You should bring a completed certificate with you to your appointment otherwise an unnecessary delay will occur.

A certificate will only be issued if the doctor thinks that the condition merits it and a charge of £15.00 will be made for it’s completion.

The form may be signed by a GP, hospital doctor or relevant nurse or counsellor, who has been involved in your care.

Please note:

A medical certificate is never required urgently.  Please book a routine appointment with your doctor.  

 Categories of Certification

 Category 1

Significant medical problem.  eg: glandular fever, hospital admission or illness lasting more than 7 days.

Category 1r

As 1 but retrospective eg: applied for after the illness has ended or late in the course of the condition.  This will carry significantly less weight with the University.

 Category 2

On-going or chronic, significant illnesses e.g. diabetes, severe asthma, CFS etc. You will also need to book an appointment at Student Support Services at 3 Elms Road on North Campus to complete a Student Support Advice Form for forwarding to your department. In addition a letter may well be required by your department from the doctor completing the medical certificate outlining the effect of your illness on your studies.

 Category 3

Sudden disruptive illness (only at exam time or during assessments counting towards your degree).

Students must make their personal tutor/supervisor/mitigations officer aware of the impact which they believe that this illness has had on their performance in the assessment. This information should be provided as soon as possible and certainly before the meeting of the relevant Board of Examiners.

Mitigation Letters

You may be required to obtain a more detailed mitigation letter from your doctor, to provide the University with more information about any specific health problems you have.  In this instance you will be charged a fee of £15.00.

We may require up to 10 working days to complete a mitigation letter.


Please refer to the section of the website on Non-NHS Services for details of the reasons for these charges.