You may on occasion want some advice from the doctor, nurse or pharmacist however you do not need to come to surgery to obtain it. For example if you attended the surgery yesterday and were prescribed medication and have a simple query regarding it, it may be more convenient for you to request to the doctor via telephone to resolve the query.

We now also offer Virtual Appointments, which are consultations which happen with a GP or Pharmacist over the phone. The medical staff offer call back appointments between the hours of 8am and 8pm Monday-Friday and also at weekends (usually 8am-2pm).

If you feel this service would be appropriate for you then please call the surgery and the receptionist will book a virtual appointment with the appropriate clinician or you can book one of these phone calls using your BSOL App.

Please note this service is not appropriate for medical emergencies or serious health complaints and specifying a particular GP may be difficult.