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The following services are provided under a General Medical Services (GMS) Contract:


Annual Reviews

Patients who suffer from certain long-term conditions will be invited to attend an annual review every year. This is also an opportunity for the doctor or nurse to review your general health and medication.

These annual reviews are provided through our contract with the NHS. The contract states that we should cease inviting patients after we have offered three appointments or if the patient has refused a review confirmed in writing.

We kindly request that if you do not want an annual review you let us know in writing, as appointments which are not kept have wasted our time and do cost money.

The reception team will telephone or write to the relevant patients to arrange an appointment.

You are likely to require some routine blood tests during annual review a helpful leaflet is attached to enable you to understand a little more about fasting and non-fasting tests and how, when to call to obtain your results.

We also discuss simple lifestyle advice – our reference sheet is attached.

We have a really helpful self management plans for patients and their carers to refer to for certain conditions and instructions prior to certain tests:

Need A Helping Hand following a stroke leaflet

Self Management in Chronic Kidney Disease

Heart Failure Self Management Plan

Lifestyle Counselling Advice Sheet


full get u better

getUBetter App - Help with muscle & joint pain

The Birmingham and Solihull MSK app (powered by getUBetter) is provided free of charge by Birmingham and Solihull ICS for patients registered at Bournbrook Varsity Medical Centre. It can be accessed on a Smartphone or on the Web, and guides you day-by-day through a sequence of exercises and tips to help you recover from a range of new or recurrent conditions:
• Lower back pain
• Back and leg pain
• Neck pain
• Shoulder pain
• Ankle pain
• Knee pain
• Soft Tissue Lower Limb pain
• Hip pain
Our practice team (GP, physio or nursing team) can refer you to the app.
The app will also connect you to your local treatment, healthcare providers or support services, if needed, such as Physiotherapy.

Can we perform your test?

For more information about whether we are able to complete phlebotomy and ECG's for NHS and private patients please view this document :

Can we perform your tests.pdf

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